Prideful Are Those Who Wear The Crown

Crown City was created for all the Kings and Queens that live and breathe this city. 

When first landing in Charlotte NC more than 2 years ago, I instantly fell in love with its charm and energy. I knew I would stay here forever, and I knew I absolutely had to honor this special metropolis in some way.

Forged with Conviction

Charlotte truly has it all. City slicking at night between the shimmering lights or navigating the daytime bustle, I quickly realized how special it is. Yet there was a market gap for quality stainless steel jewelry that I knew I could fill.

The past 10 years in trendy fashion have allowed me to collab with the likes of Ross, TJ Max, Snipes-USA Dr. Jays, Gabes, Fashion Nova, and more. Now, I’m proud to bring my unique blend of experience and flavor.

Crafted for Courage

The crown is the icon of Charlotte, but it’s also a symbol of pride, courage, and loyalty. Each piece instills these values onto whoever wears them. As a reminder that in a complex world, we all need certainty.

Crown City is strictly for the modern maverick with an unwavering sense of adventure, yet always returning to the city that stole their heart. 

Your Friendly Neighborhood Charlottean

With firm roots in the Queen City, my commitment to my customers goes further than being a retailer. As your neighbor and fellow Charlottean, I’ll go above and beyond to make sure you’re cared for at every turn.

The Vision

To give back to the city that filled me with awe through premium, contemporary, and affordable accessories. Expect timeless pieces to explore the inner workings of your own style, so you can express it freely to the world and conquer all of life’s obstacles.